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Ask the maker tutorials #2

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asked by setentpet

So first I cropped the cap to make a center crop icon.
Step 1. Lightening of the cap. I dupplicated the cap 3 times, the 1st two layers on screen 100% and the 3rd on on soft light 100%.

Step 2. I created a black and white gradient layer and put the opacity at 50%, to make the colors more muted.

Step 3. I wanted to get rid of the background so we could really focus on her face. I painted around her face with a muted green (#66791f).

Step 4. Then I wanted her hair to pop more so this time I painted a bright yellow (#fac800) on a new layer that I put on soft light 100%.

Step 5. I also picked a red to enhance the blood tears, painted on a new layer that I picked on soft light 100%.

Step 6. Then, I applied 2 black & white gradient layers at 0° on soft light (100%) to create a contrast between the left and the right of the icon, and make the light come from the right.

Step 7. I wanted the colors to pop more so I made a vibrancy layer +100 on color mode.

Step 8. I stamped all the layers onto a new one (ctrl + shift + alt + E), blurred it with gaussian blur (5%) and put it on soft light 50% to bring some contrast in.

Step 9. Then, I stamped everything on a new layer again to sharpen the icon, I don’t remember the settings, but the layer is on normal mode at 50%. I thought the icon still looked a bit dull so I pumped up the contrast a bit more by adding a luminosity/contrast layer (Luminosity +25, Contrast +25).

Step 10.The text! The theme for this icon was the font Florence, so that's what I used to write the title of the episode on the icon "I am become death". I made it all white, but added some shadow underneath "death" by dupplicating that layer, put it underneath with a brownish color (#956401).

Step 11.Then as the text wasn't readable enough, I added a black blob on the bottom left, opacity 70%. I copy/merged all the text layers into one and blurred it.
And we're done!

Once again, tell me if something isn't clear and I'll get back to you!

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