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Ask the maker tutorials #1

First time ever I'm writing a tutorial (besides my Photoshop is in French so I had a hard time finding the right terms in english), so if you have any question, feel free to ask, because it might be a bit hard to follow! *sorry*

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asked by setentpet & kirtash_girl

I used this cap for 2 different icons (obsessed much!), so I'm going to put them in the same tutorial.

First, to work with this cap, I began on a bigger canvas than 100x100, I think it must have been 500x500 px to get all the details.

Step 1. Lightening of the cap. I dupplicate the cap 4 times, the first 2 layers are both on screen 100%, the 3rd on screen 50% and the last one on soft light 50%.

Step 2. I blended all the layers together and then I erased the background using a mask.

Step 3. I applied a color balance layer (Midtones: Cyan-red +10 / Magenta-green -5 / Yellow-blue +5), then I created a levels layer to enhance the contrast (15 - 1,00 - 235)

Step 4. I wanted to make her hair and the blood on her shirt pop so I painted some yellow on her hair on a new layer on soft light 100% and on another one some red on soft light as well but 50%.

This is the base I used on both icons before I went into 2 different directions.

Step 5. I tested various nature/forest textures and ended up choosing this one by Chaoticresources.
I then applied a black & white gradient at 45° on soft light (100%) to make the light come from the top right. Then a vibrancy layer +100 on color mode, then again a black & white gradient at 45° on soft light (50%) because I thought the contrast wasn't enough.

Step 6. I stamped all the layers onto a new one (ctrl + shift + alt + E), blurred it with gaussian blur (5%), desaturated it and set it on soft light 35%. Then I sharpened it all on a new layer again, erasing the background so it wouldn't look too sharp next to the characters.

Step 7. To balance the darkness on the left, I painted a yellow blob on the bottom left (I picked the yellow in her hair) on a new layer. I blurred it to make it a really diffused light. Then I resized the icon to 100x100 px.

Step 8. This is where the text comes in. I really wanted to use that quote from that moment between them.
The double quotation mark is in Times (color #4f5423), the rest of the text is in Intro font, using colors from the icon for "are", "need", "survive" and "different".
I dupplicated the text, because it was blending too much into the background, made it black and put it under the other text layer, moving it a pixel or two, to create a shadow. Then I wanted to give some texture to the text, so I dupplicated each lines of text onto different layers, applied a black & white gradient to them and put them all on top on soft light 100%, so it would give that gradient feel to the colored words.
And I'm done!

For the other icon, after step 4, I resized the icon and used another texture by violateraindrop this time, to go into a crazier mood because it was for the Wonderland theme at 20inspirations.
I also applied a black & white gradient at 45° on soft light (100%) and a vibrancy layer +100 on color mode.

They were blending too much into the background so I decided to dupplicate their silhouette twice and used the color overlay effect. The 1st one is a simple white and the 2nd one is purple (#6d064a). I moved them around a few pixels so they would be like "shadows" behind them.

Then I used this texture by lemonrocket. Put it "around" them and set the layer on screen (100%).

I erased the part of the texture where the circles are supposed to be behind them, to give a 3d effect, and erased the texture in front of their faces as well. I used a mask, so I could go back if I did any mistake. Then I thought the white lines weren't visible enough so I just dupplicated the texture layer on screen 100% once again.
And done!

Once again, tell me if something isn't clear and I'll get back to you!

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