February 13th, 2016

DW - Rose 'Bad Wolf' pink

2016 #1 - 20muses

This is my 1st entry of 2016 and it's for the awesome challenge at 20muses!
At first I had chosen David Tennant as a claim but I suck at photoshoot icons, so instead I focused on 2 of his tv characters: Kilgrave from Jessica Jones and Alec Hardy from Broadchurch. Two characters that are such opposites, it makes you realise how good of an actor he is, and he was so charismatic as a villain, it made the show even better!
This challenge was hard! I really struggled on some of these! The song ones especially... but I hope you'll like some of these though!
I tried to go bolder on the colors than I usually do too.
And I'm sorry for all the purple, purple everywhere!


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