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2016 #7 - Multifandom

I have no time to icon at all lately but I thought I could always post what I've made in the past few month that I never posted here, so here they are!
They were made for various challenges and also some battles at icontalking.


> For the Shadowhunters Battle: (you can see the full post here)

> For the Jane Austen Battle: (you can the full post there)

Various TV/movies:
iZombie x3 | The 100 x2

Skins x2 | Orphan Black x2 | Doctor Who

BtVS | Merlin | Game of Thrones | The Shannara Chronicles | Legend of the Seeker

Allegiant x2 | Frozen
Tags: animation: disney, mini-series: emma (2009), mini-series: northanger abbey, mini-series: sense and sensibility, movie: becoming jane, movie: divergent, movie: pride & prejudice (2005), tv: btvs, tv: doctor who, tv: game of thrones, tv: izombie, tv: legend of the seeker, tv: merlin, tv: orphan black, tv: shadowhunters, tv: skins, tv: the 100, tv: the shannara chronicles
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Lexa! Cara! ohhhh <3 Thanks for sharing. I'm going to decide what to take :D
Yes, they both are awesome!
Thank you very much and feel free! :)
ooooh i love that alec alternate icon from the battle! totally saved it.
Thank you very much! I'm glad you like it! :)
Such pretty icons. I absolutely love your close up crops like in 45 and 48- wow. Beautiful! And I just adore 1. Again the placement is so nice and just the lighting is amazing. It makes the icon stand out so much and it makes the colouring work. Incredibly haunting. I also love the crop in 4 and the general colouring in 5. 6 is also just so beautiful, great use of the colouring, text, great placement. The colouring in especially 11. 27, 28, 35 and 49 is beautiful too!
Oh, thank you very much for such a kind comment! :D
I'm really glad you liked them!

Very pretty icons! I especially love the Jane Austen ones. :)

Thank you very much! :)
I love the crops and coloring of 4, 17 and 49. The composition of 34 and 36 is also awesome :D
Thank you very much! I'm really glad you liked these! :)
Really lovely icons, I'm snagging some iZombie, thanks :)
Thank you very much! Feel free! :)
These are great! I love the color/crop and light use on 4, 11 and 52. Definitely saving a bunch.
Thank you very much! I'm really glad you liked these! :)
great icons :)
Thank you very much! :)
Lovely icons! Snagging the iZombie ones and will credit ♥
Thank you very much! Feel free! :)
Beautiful crops and colors. My faves are: 1, 4, 6, 11, 31, 37, 39, 41 and 44.
Thank you very much! :)
Gorgeous icons! I love how vibrant all the Jane Austen icons are. It's making me want to watch the movies.

Those close crop on the Shadowhunters icons are brilliant. Alec in the first one is just perfect. I'm so happy you included Bookstore Luke. :D

Snagged a few with credit. Thanks! :D
Thank you very much! I'm really glad you liked them! :)
Soooo many of these are gorgeous. I love the Austen ones in particular. I saved a few of the Austen, shadow hunters, and misc, will credit.
Thank you very much! I'm really glad you liked them! :)
Beautiful icons!